Frequently Asked Questions

What type of products do you offer?

Fully amortizing term loan, 1-3 year term lengths, APR-based interest rate, and No early payment penalties of any kind.

Why use APR instead of a factor rate?

APR provides a more traditional method of applying interest to the outstanding principal you owe. Same as bank loans and mortgages, while the interest rate doesn’t change, with each payment made to the loan the amount of principal owed goes down, which means we apply the same interest to a lesser amount of principal in each payment period and end up saving our customers money.  Using a factor rate to establish interest means you pay the same amount of interest in each pay period regardless of what the outstanding principal is.

How do I qualify for a OneTeam Capital loan?

Our loans are assessed based on three primary items: Personal credit, established commercial credit, and recent cash flow.  We prefer to see personal credit scores in the 700’s, however, 660 is qualifying. In both personal and commercial credit having established financial tradelines reporting perfect payment history for at least 12 months is a plus.  When reviewing the recent cash flow, consistency and solvency are the words to remember.

How do I apply for a OneTeam Capital loan?

Our application process is fast and easy.  Simply click on the Apply Now button and fill out the required information about your company.  It takes less than 10 minutes and we’ll begin processing your file right away.

What are your minimum requirements?
  • Minimum 2 years time in business
  • $200,000 in annual gross revenue
  • A personal credit score of 660
  • No Bankruptcies/Foreclosures last two years
  • Established commercial credit
What Information do I need to apply?
  • Your business tax ID number
  • Your social security number
  • Estimated annual gross revenue
  • Average bank balance
How is the loan repaid?

Typically, our loans are repaid twice per month. However, we also offer monthly payment options. Should you ever wish to repay the remainder of the loan, we impose little if any additional fees or rates.  You generally just pay what the outstanding principal is at that point in time.

How does this loan help my business credit?

At OneTeam Capital we ensure that we report to our customer’s commercial credit at Paynet regarding the payment history over time. These reports help other lenders to see that you and your business can manage debt responsibly over time, making you and your business a better credit risk than before.

How long does it take to get funded?

It typically takes us 24 hours to underwrite your credit application and we can fund the next day via an electronic transfer of funds.  From beginning to end, the process can be as short as 2 business days.

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