With over 40 years of combined commercial financing experience, OneTeam has a deep functional expertise in commercial working capital products as well as strategic partner and portfolio management.
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Matthew Sapnar

Co-Founder | President
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Michael Fox

Co-Founder | Chief Revenue Officer
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Austin Prusak

Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer
About us

Who are we?

At OneTeam Capital we believe small businesses deserve easy access to cost-effective capital on terms they can manage. The commercial financing market is no longer just banks that offer loans/lines. Private companies pop up every day and market their services. How are you supposed to know the difference and where to find them? With a combined 40 years of experience in the banking and alternative financing industry, OneTeam Capital is uniquely positioned to guide you to the best solution.

At OneTeam, we not only provide access to more traditional APR-based products with transparent and easy-to-understand terms, but we are also industry veterans with relationships established and nurtured over the years. This provides us with a unique ability to harness a financing solution for our clients through a vast network of financial providers, making your experience professional and informative.
Our values

We're more than your traditional business financier


There is a difference between being told what you want to hear versus what you need to hear. As professionals, our representatives will always be honest and forthright when it comes to your business.

True Consultative Approach

Our representatives will listen to you, listen to your needs, and based on your information provide strategic advice to assist your business’ borrowing success. It’s your decision what to do next

Expert Advice

With top-down knowledge of current working capital market options, we can highlight what products are readily available based on your business's capability.

Minimal Documentation

Some products require a lot of documentation, some require less. Let us guide you to the most efficient and expedient financing solution to your business’ needs.

Speed and Convenience

Online application with a firm decision within 24 hours.

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